Army Showjumper Impresses At National Championships

British Army showjumper Lance Corporal Holly Hall has put in an impressive performance in the National Showjumping Championships at Hickstead.

On her horse WKD San Remo, the reservist medic missed out on winning the 1.2m jump title by just five-hundredths of a second. 

LCpl Hall, from 254 Medical Regiment, believes a mistake at the end of her run proved to be vital.

She told Forces News: "Disappointingly, and it has kept me up at night since, having watched back all the footage, I was the only one that missed the last turn from fence eight to nine.

"Everyone else cut in and I went the long route.

"It’s actually amazing that I still managed to come second in that time.

"But annoyingly, it does mean had I not made that turn, I would have won easily."

She also finished second in the 1.1m jump final.

LCpl Hall won the forces showjumping title last year.
LCpl Hall won the forces showjumping title last year.

In December, LCpl Hall rose to the top of the forces showjumping ladder when she won at Olympia.

She beat six other riders to the 2019 forces title in her debut at the event.

This was her first shot at the national title and she explained how difficult it was to even qualify.

She said: "In each of the qualifiers, there is a least 100-150 competitors and they only take the top eight people through.

"It’s really tough even managing to qualify."

LCpl Hall also praised her horse's performance during the competition, saying: "As long as we keep improving and showing people how far we’ve come, it can only get bigger and better."

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