Army Rugby Star Raises Money For Local Food Banks Despite Injury-Causing Fall

Sergeant Sarah Mimnagh was in the middle of a 100-mile run when she fell.

Army rugby union player Sergeant Sarah Mimnagh has been raising money for local food banks despite injuring herself in a fall.

The Irish international was aiming to run 100 miles in 24 hours but fell off a kerb just 30 miles in.

Despite the trip to A&E, the soldier has still helped raise more than £10,000 for food banks in Worcestershire.

Sgt Mimnagh was running as part of the Miles4Meals initiative which aims to raise money for food banks that have been struggling during the pandemic.

People were asked to donate either money or miles of exercise to help the cause and their aim was to raise £3,000 by 3,000 miles.

However, before Sgt Mimnagh had started her marathon run in Worcestershire, the target had been passed in both the distance and the funds raised.

The fall during her run has left the player on crutches and unable to complete the run at the moment.

She says she aims to do more next year, however.

She explained: "Anyone that knows me knows how competitive I am.

"It was frustrating but there’s lots of lessons learned.

Sarah Mimnaugh Food Bank Run Credit Miles4Meals 10122020.jpg
Sergeant Sarah Mimnagh wanted to do something to help food banks that we struggling due to the global pandemic.

"I think I can definitely take a lot of comfort in how well I was actually running up until the point that I fell off the bloody kerb.

"The key for me is that I’ve got a couple of events for next year anyway.

"We don’t know what’s going to happen with the rugby season.

"We don’t know what’s going to happen with any team-based sport at the moment so getting quite a few individual events kind of keeps my focus anyway. It keeps me a little bit sane."

Despite not completing the run, Sgt Mimnagh is pleased with the amount of money already raised but believes more still needs to be done.

She said: "We’ve raised over £9,000 which is 6,000 meals [at the time of recording]. That won’t just support them through the festive period, that’ll be going through into next year.

"The food banks are overwhelmed at the moment and this just gives them a little bit of room going into the festive period.

"There’s a lot of people just in my local area that are struggling just to get food on the table.

"When the school meals didn’t go through as well, that was another light bulb moment for me to say 'this is terrible'.

"I can give a few quid. I can give food to food banks but is that going to make the difference we need?

She added: "There were quite a few people in the community who were like 'this is terrible, we need to find a way to support them' and that is where the Miles4Meals initiative came from."

Pictures provided by Miles4Meals.