Army Cyclo-Cross CREDIT: Mick Brown and Richard Howes 10/12/2018

Army Riders Tackle National Cyclo-Cross Trophy Fifth Round

Army Cyclo-Cross CREDIT: Mick Brown and Richard Howes 10/12/2018

Two Army Cyclo-Cross athletes were in action at the fifth round of the HSBC National Trophy in Ipswich (Picture: Mick Brown and Richard Howes).

Following on from a good showing in the fourth round at York, Captain Simon Hale finished in sixth place in the Veteran Men 50-59 race.

Meanwhile, Warrant Officer Jason Marriott bettered his fourth-round finish as he came in 27th in the Veteran Men 40-49 Category.

With the result, WO2 Marriot stays in 44th on the Veteran Men 40-49 standings while Capt Hale’s high finish means he has moved up four places in the Veteran Men 50-59 category as he now sits in seventh.

The riders get to enjoy their Christmas before coming back for the sixth and final round in Shrewsbury on January 5. 

For the two riders, the National Trophy provides not just great competition but a perfect warm-up for the National Cyclo-Cross Championships which starts on January 12.

The Cyclo-Park in Gravesend, Kent is the venue chosen for the 2019 event despite the 2018 version being held in Sunderland.

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