Army Medical Services and Royal Engineers win swimming titles at Inter Corps Championships

Army Medical Services had a successful outing in the swimming pool where they retained their women's title at the Inter Corps Swimming Championships in Aldershot.

Solid performances in the women's event saw Sadie Spencer finish first for the Royal Logistics Corps in the 200m freestyle as well as a victory for Team GB Olympic Team Trialist Sapper Harriet Bebbington. 

The Royal Engineer, who shared the same coach as Adam Peaty as a junior, Spr Bebbington brought home the 100m breaststroke title and is now looking to secure a place on the Army squad. 

She said: "I used to be better at butterfly and then I started getting better at breaststroke and then breaststroke stuck, clearly, but I went to British Nationals for 200m breaststroke and English Nationals for 200m butterfly. 

"It would mean a lot because I want to carry it on through my career."

But it was the Army Medical Services (AMS) who came out on top to retain their women's crown where European Masters medal winner, Corporal Kath Baker, lead her team to victory and credited the team's preparation for their success at the pool. 

She said: "This week we have had a training camp before the Inter Corps, so I have been helping the AMS and using some of the sessions that I have got from my swimming club back in Portsmouth. 

"That's really helped me to help develop them and get them fitter for this competition."

Meanwhile, the men's event saw a far closer affair with old rivalries coming into play, including the Royal Engineers just about managing to edge out the Infantry as they vied for the top spot

Cyprus-based Private Dan White won the 100m freestyle and has his eyes set on an Inter Services appearance for the Army in the coming future. 

He said: "I was pretty happy that I came first in the heat overall, I was pretty chuffed with that. 

"Obviously we'll see where I come overall in the infantry swimming, hopefully get some Army trials and see how far I can push the sport. 

"I'd love to do that, and the battalion has obviously given me a lot of time to come out, come away from work and do this."

With the Infantry missing out on the men's overall title due to a race disqualification, Sappers' skipper James Gibson helped his team come out on top in the 4x100m relay to contribute to the Engineers' title-winning score. 

Their next test is the Army individual championships, which will take place in the New Year. 

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