Army Inter Corps Water Polo Championships 2019: Chance To Bolster Victorious Squad And Spot Talent

The Inter Corps competition provides a great chance to talent spot and bolster the Army's victorious squad.

The 2019 Army Inter Corps Water Polo Championships have taken place in Aldershot.

The Royal Signals dominated the men’s tournament winning their 15th title in 21 years.

In the women’s competition, the Army Medical Services came out on top to be crowned champions.

As a contact sport, water polo offers plenty of appeal to soldiers and the Army are the current Inter Services champions after winning their first title in a decade earlier this year.

The Inter Corps provides Army management a chance to discover new talent.

"This is probably the best place that we can talent spot. We get a bit of talent-spotting through Phase 1 and Sandhurst where people write down that they come from a Water Polo background," Army Assistant Manager Warrant Officer Class 2 Luke Illingworth said.

"Other than that, this is the only place we catch them really."

WO2 Illingworth and his team have been playing at a national level and he is pleased with their involvement.

"It was the first year in the National League this year and we got promoted. We’ve just started the second phase of the National League so we are playing a weekend every month against the top teams in the country.

"We are holding our own as well!"

The Army are the current Inter Services Champions and are hoping to strengthen their team.

This year’s tournament also featured Welsh international player Corporal Natalie Taylor.

The RAF women’s captain was invited along with her team to be part of the championships as part of a mission to help grow the sport for women across the military.

"Normally, we would have our Inter Stations tournament that was last month but unfortunately, we have had to re-arrange that for February," Corporal Taylor said.

"This is a nice gap for us and a great chance for our team to get more competition for ourselves.

"It’s been a really great opportunity for us to be involved today at the Inter Corps."

Cpl Taylor is hoping an investment in the sport at women’s level will see a rise in skill for the military.

"Once we have got the training in place and have all three services playing together, I feel we would become a really great team," she said.

"We’d take that to British League as well and having all these training camps together I think will really push to making us a good team."