Army Ice Hockey Head Coach After RAF Thrashing: 'I'm Over The Moon'

The Army team won 18-1 in their first game of the Inter Services Championship.

The Army Ice Hockey coach has said he is “over the moon” with the comfortable victory over the RAF.

In their first Inter Services game of the season, the Army won 18-1 to set up a title decider in game two.

The win has pleased the Army boss Sergeant Mark Morrison, who is also the team captain.

He said: “It just shows the graft and effort we have put in. We were told not to take our foot off the gas and we didn’t do that.

“We kept that momentum throughout the whole game.

I’m happy with that. I’m over the moon.”

Josh Morely was awarded man-of-the-match thanks to a four-goal haul and believes it is the team’s hard work that has come through for the Army.

He said: “All the lads fully deserved it. It is a big score. You don’t usually see it in every game.

“We’ve been putting all the practice in for every set play. It showed out there. The RAF do have a good team, but we just dominated the game.”

The Army will win their seventh consecutive Inter Services Title by beating the Navy in game two.

Meanwhile, the RAF Head Coach Flight Sergeant Andy Harris thinks it is time for the team to rethink their strategy.

He said: “Just a case of a transient nature where we will rebuild, regroup and come back to try and get that trophy back eventually.

“We’ve built it from novice-level. We are obviously reliant on people joining up that have got a bit of experience.

“We’d like to use Ice Hockey as a recruitment tool in all three services.”