Army Extreme Enduro Rider Misses Out On National Title

Lance Corporal Stuart Mack did not get the result he needed in the season's final race to secure the championship.

Lance Corporal Stuart Mack has finished as runner-up in the National Extreme Enduro Championship.

A top-two finish in the final race of the season at Selattyn would have put the reservist into title contention.

However, he could only finish in third place, which meant an overall second place in the final rankings of the expert class.

Eighty-five riders started the race across the woodlands in Shropshire and were given two-and-a-half hours to complete as many 8-mile laps as possible.

The course is one of the most difficult on the race calendar, dropping down from a hilltop at the start before several sheer climbs through thick forest.

LCpl Mack spoke about the difficulty of the course saying: "It's my third year doing H20 and it is a very tough and relentless track.

"In the woods, there's nothing but rocks and roots everywhere so you are just battling that all day.

"I really think even when people seeing the videos of today, you still don't get any idea of what we are going up against. It's not until you see it in person and you see people on the track having to stop and catch a breather.

"Half of the battle sometimes is just telling yourself to keep going because it is a long two-and-a-half hour race.

"At the end of the day, the person that can keep their speed and just keep going is the person that is probably going to do the best."

Lance Corporal Stuart Mack was cheered on by his parents including his father, the Army Trials manager, Major Sandy Mack.

LCpl Mack described the final outcome as a "good result on the day" but admitted he was disappointed not to win the title.

"I wanted to push a bit but it would have been nice to get a first or a second to still be battling in the championship with a win," he said.

"You can’t complain at a third. I'm three years into enduro so yeah, we're doing pretty well.

"To finish second in the championships in my second year in the experts - I can't complain."