Squash Inter Services
The Army took the men's, women's and under 25s titles at the Inter Services in Wolverhampton.

Army dominates Inter Services Squash Championships as the sport grows at military level

 Squash Inter Services
The Army took the men's, women's and under 25s titles at the Inter Services in Wolverhampton.

The British Army have dominated the Inter Services Squash championships in Wolverhampton, taking titles in the senior men's, senior women's and the under 25s events. 

After being beaten by the Royal Navy on day one of the senior men's competition, the Army's win came after the RAF defeated the Navy on day two, where the title had to be decided on points countback, deciding the winner of a tied competition by comparing earlier scores, where the Army emerged as victors. 

The senior women's title was decided in the final match with the Army narrowly defeating the RAF, who came out as runners-up.

Army number one Major Rosie Hamilton said that the competition "has been a real step up" at this year's tournament. 

She said: "This is the most important tournament of the year and we have been blessed to have had a really good winning streak here. 

"But the strength of the competition has been a real step-up this year and we were pretty worried and feeling quite nervous yesterday as we were looking at the other teams playing, so I am really, really pleased to have managed the win."

Army women win squash Inter Services
The Army's Major Rosie Hamilton accepts the women's trophy presented by BFBS Trustee Tony Hales.

The Master's title was the only event the Army did not manage to win, as the Royal Navy came out victorious with the RAF emerging as runners-up.

Royal Navy number one, Commander Matt Ellicott, said that the future for UKAF squash is "really exciting".

He said: "It is brilliant, I mean the future of UKAF squash is really exciting. 

"Single service squash I think have done a lot of development at grass roots level and we are seeing that come to fruition now and the youngsters coming through.

"And a lot of players are maturing now into some really competitive senior squash."

With the rising standard in the game of squash at service level, this year's Inter Services can be seen as a highly successful tournament that showcased new emerging talent soon to make an impact in the future of military squash.

Army men win squash Inter Services
BFBS Trustee Tony Hales presents the men's trophy which was won by the Army.

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