The Army Boxers Showing Internationals How It's Done In The Forces

Members of the GB and Wales boxing squads have been training at the home of Army sport in Aldershot...

Members of the GB and Wales boxing squads have been training at the home of Army sport in Aldershot.

It's seen as a chance to further develop the relationship between the organisations while helping athletes improve their skills.

The first-class facilities used by members of the Army boxing team have long been the boast of the service.

GB & Wales & British Army boxers train together

Now the Army has welcomed athletes, used to training in an elite environment, who enjoyed sparring sessions against a number of the military's finest as well as making the most of the equipment on offer.

The Army is keen to show what it can provide but also give their boxers exposure to the national set-up, as it bids to see a forces athlete reach the podium at an Olympic Games.

Army super heavyweight boxer Lance Corporal Chez Nihell is a three-time English Title Series belt winner.

With the Inter-Services championships coming up in March he told Forces Network the week of hard graft is ideal preparation for what's to come:

"It's been relentless. We've been sparring every day since they've been here... It's been top-notch sparring every day."

"The best way of learning is being outside your comfort zone... It's been really, really good preparation."

Welsh civilian boxer Rosie Eccles will compete at this year's Commonwealth Games in Australia.

She says her training programme has intensified but the Army environment suited her requirements:

"[I've] got in 18 rounds of sparring in the last three days... [It's] been great, a good opportunity."

In addition to testing themselves against the best in the ring, the Army athletes advanced their skills and knowledge from the country's best coaches.

GB World Class Programme coach Bob Dillon has worked with a number of Olympic medallists, including James De Gale and Amir Khan.

He reserved his biggest praise for the Army coaching team:

"What's impressed me the most down here is the coaches... If you've got the right coaches in place, you're going to produce the right boxers. [This partnership] will happen again."

The Army's aspiration for an Olympic boxer from within the ranks continues but this partnership will allow them to develop their skills while supporting others chasing their sporting ambitions.

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