Army Boxers Reign Supreme Over International Competition

The Army team will go into the new year with momentum, after victories in the round-robin competition.

The Army team will go into 2019 on a high after a number of victories at their round-robin competition in Aldershot.

Bringing in tough competition from the Ukraine Boxing Federation, the Army were preparing for next year’s three-day competitions such as the National Elite Championships.

In the competition between the two federations, the Army came out on top with three victories, including a knock-out win by Guardsmen Josh Plummer.

As well as the tournament against the Ukrainians, the Army fighters also competed against British boxers from other counties across England.

Guardsman Josh Plummer Army Boxing 18/12/2018
Gdsm Plummer was pleased with his performances after the fight.

Guardsman Plummer won his fight against Yuri Chornii comfortably, getting in many big punches in the first round and finishing the job in the second.

For him, the success comes from his preparation coming into the fight.

He said: “I was physically prepared. I had a longer block this time and a lot more training. It was a lot more hard sparring out and in the gym, so it was good.”

Plummer is one of the Army brightest boxing talents and in 2019, he is targeting success at the Combined Services Championship:

“I’ve came up short two years in a row so I think this year is my year.”

Lcpl Shamim Khan Army Boxing 18/12/2018
Lance Corporal Shamim Khan will be hoping for a successful 2019 after his win in Aldershot.

As well as Plummer’s victory, the Army were celebrating wins for Lance Corporal Shamim Khan and John Henderson.

Henderson beat Mykhalio Vasylyshyn on points after a terrific knock-down while Lcpl Khan defeated the bloodied Yevgenii Pylypchuk.

The Ukrainian suffered a heavy cut after a clash of heads but recovered to stay through the fight which was won by a unanimous decision by the Army fighter.

After the bout, Khan was full of praise for his opponent and the decision to hold the tournament:

“Listen, he was a strong kid and he kept coming. I found him awkward and I did what I needed to do today. It paid off.

“I’m so glad they’ve organised this actually. Round-robin has just come out of the blue.

"We’ve not done this before and it is set in our gym. When it comes to doing the combines and stuff like that, we box here in our gym so it’s good.

“It’s over the three days as well so even if you win or lose with this one, you box Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s just getting you used to like the National Championships so it’s excellent.”