Army Biathlon Champion Aims For Third Olympics

Sergeant Amanda Lightfoot has been competing in Bavaria for Beijing in 2022.

One of the Army’s top female athletes is determined to make her third Olympic appearance in what is considered one of the most demanding of winter sports.

Sergeant Amanda Lightfoot is the current British Number one in Biathlon, a winter sport which combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

The Royal Logistic Corps Sergeant says she is still keen to continue competing:

“I’m not ready to stop just yet. As you can see I’m still in the top so I’m looking forward to training again and trying to make a third Olympics.”

Although Biathlon can be a gruelling event, Sergeant Lightfoot says she is constantly trying to improve: "You feel the pain but then it’s like the euphoria feeling after you’ve done the race... and you’re like 'yes!'

"You know I’ve just had the best race out there."

Sgt Amanda Lightfoot competing at Biathlon event in Bavaria
Sergeant Amanda Lightfoot is the current British Number one in Biathlon.

At the most recent British Biathlon Championships, less than a fifth of the military competitors were women.

Britain currently has no women's Biathlon team, something Amanda wants to change:

"Some females out here are doing quite good so hopefully we can bring them up and create a team again for Great Britain.”

Amanda started skiing whilst serving in the military in 2006 and began competing internationally two years later.

If she reaches the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 it will be her last.

But the Royal Logistic Corps Sergeant insists her commitment to Biathlon won't end with her retirement from the sport.

She says she would love to coach future athletes but it will depend on the demands of a military career:

“It's a massive passion for me this sport. It's crazy. It's literally got me by the heart.”