Army Archers Targeting Competitive Return

The British Army's archery team is back in training after being allowed to come back to the sport following the coronavirus lockdown.

The British Army's archery team is targeting a return to competition after being allowed to resume training following the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the beginning of the lockdown, all Army sport was postponed indefinitely in line with government guidelines.

However, as revealed to us by the Army Sport Control Board, archery was picked as one of the five sports to be reintroduced.

The process of returning for Army archery has gone through phases, according to team captain, Staff Sergeant Craig Cherrie.

"Phase one was obviously that we could shoot outdoors going off the guidelines that we were given," he said.

"With phase two, indoor facilities would open. 

"We can’t compete competitively until phase three and we are just waiting for that to be initiated."

The Army Archery team are back in training following the COVID-19 break.

The team takes part in regional competitions across the country as well aiming for a place at the World Masters Games in Japan next year.

However, a competitive appearance is still some work away according to team member Lance Corporal Val Rearden.

She explained what a break from the sport can mean for their performance.

"With archery, to be good at it, you have to practise," she said.

"If you don’t get enough practice in, you are not going to improve.

"It was very frustrating when we were on lockdown that we couldn’t do any shooting at all.

"We started again as soon as we were allowed to try and build up that strength again."