Armed Forces Rally Team Complete Season Opener

The team took part in the first event of the season before the coronavirus outbreak postponed many races.

The Armed Forces rally team managed to compete in the first event of their season amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The crisis has seen a long list of forces sporting events, including the Army vs Navy fixtures at Twickenham, cancelled.

The personnel, driving Land Rovers, raced at the Bovington training area in Dorset.

This year's team has four members from the Royal Navy which is the highest amount ever from the senior service.

Navy driver Mitch Stanfield is in a car alongside the Army's Matt Duncan.

"We know how each other work within the car," said Mr Stanfield.

"We know how much we can push and where we can push to."

The eventual class winner was the RAF's Barry Connolly - the current forces champion.

His new co-driver, Phil Cooke, who is also from the Navy, said: "It’s been really interesting to get in the car for the first time.

"I’ve really enjoyed the event. It was good fun."