After Pioneering Surgery & A Winter Sports First: What Next For Micky Yule?

Powerlifter and British Army veteran Micky Yule has been busy...

Powerlifter and British Army veteran Micky Yule has been busy.

The former Royal Engineers staff sergeant has secured a place in Team Scotland's line up for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in April - while having undergone groundbreaking 'osseointegration' surgery on both legs.

He also recently managed to clock a quicker time than an able-bodied athlete on a skeleton track, becoming the first double amputee to take part in the sport.

Working out in his garage at home, Micky remembers finishing fourth at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014 and says it haunts him to this day.

British Army veteran powerlifter Micky Yule

But not someone to shy away from a challenge, he's determined to compete and medal on Australia's Gold Coast - despite his recent surgery.

The Commonwealth Games in 2014 came just a few months after Micky was medically discharged.

He did, however, go on to claim gold at the European Championships in 2015 and finished sixth at the Rio Paralympics in 2016.

Add to that two Invictus golds in London and Orlando and it's easy to understand why Team Scotland have put faith in him.

British Army veteran powerlifter Micky Yule

Micky's currently training with his legs in the air, as it's harder and will make him stronger.

After the Commonwealth Games, however, his main focus will be the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

He's hoping that the Invictus will be a big part of his training, with this year's edition taking place in Sydney in October.

Before that, though, Micky will be travelling to France to defend his European title in May.

And he hopes that'll be after returning from the Gold Coast with a well-deserved medal...

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