The largest British Forces Germany boxing night of the year has taken place, with the Best Boxer trophy on the line. 

A Company's Private Adrian Buckwell was the man to come away with the prestigious award, after coming into the evening with a point to prove.

The 1st Battalion, the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, had turned a snowy evening in Paderborn into a sporting spectacle with 11 bouts, including women's and youth fights.

There was a range of experience on display, from first-time fighters to the more experienced soldier, all of whom were vying for the Best Boxer trophy.

There was a lot of heart on display, and none more so than from the 'youth', or under 18s, fight.

British Army boxing
Ptes Crome and McGrath were in action at cruiserweight

The regiment's soldiers are also known as the Tigers, and their motto is Fierce Pride - of which there was a lot on show.

One of the fiercest fights of the evening was between two women from B and C Company – Pte Lawlor and Pte Alex Goodman - with the latter coming out on top.

Pte Alex Goodman said of her win, which received a standing ovation:

"I didn't even see the crowd, to be honest... I was just overwhelmed from winning. It's nerve-wracking."

With so many fights on the night, competition for the Best Boxer award was intense.

There were strong displays from many of the fighters, with all representing their companies in front of a cheering crowd.

British Army boxing

But for one soldier, there was a score to settle after losing last year in his first fight.

A Company's Pte Adrian Buckwell was the man to come out on top, with his win contributing to his unit winning the Company award. He said:

"The main goal for me tonight was to win the fight... but I did want to get Best Boxer as well, deep down, and I've achieved that, so I'm very happy."

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