11 Signal Regiment Lift Army Championship Cricket Title

They beat 4 Scots by eight wickets in the 2018 Army Championship Cricket final.

11 Signal Regiment have emerged victorious from the 2018 Army Championship Cricket final, beating 4 Scots by eight wickets.

The Army Cricket Association organises an annual tournament, comprising 30 teams with the final held this year at Aldershot in Hampshire.

4 Scots, who only a day before comprehensively defeated the Regiment Army Air Corps to earn their place in the final, won the coin toss and opted to bat first.

Battling it out for the Army Cricket championship (Credit: Forces News)

But their run of good fortune came shuddering to a halt, as fielders from 11 Signal Regiment surrounded them.

The team’s captain, Sergeant Kishor Gurung, had 4 Scots’ Jahvon Granger dismissed.

Juvani Clarke was another casualty and the batting team were down by 13-2.

Ultimately 4 Scots were bowled out for 115, a poor performance after the strength of their performance the previous day.

Taking up the batting, Santosh Lingden scored a half-century, with teammate Kranti Subba scored the final runs that brought the Signals victory.

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