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Soldiering On Awards 2021: It's Time To Start Nominating

Discover how to nominate your winner of the Soldiering On Awards People's Choice winner(s)

Soldiering On Awards 2021 Cover Image

Do you know anyone who deserves to be recognised for their outstanding contribution to the Armed Forces Community?

Now is your chance to nominate them for the 2021 Soldiering On Awards.

The nominations process will run until March 19, to give people time to reach out within their communities and networks and identify individuals or organisations who are deserving to be put forward to be recognised from within our wider Armed Forces community.

The awards up for nomination are below and, rather excitingly, there are three categories open for a public vote – meaning that your nominees in those categories could be promoted far and wide so that members of the public can vote for their favourites.

The 10th anniversary of the Soldiering On Awards in 2020 was extraordinary on many levels.

A record number of nominations were received to the 2020 awards across all categories, with 41 finalists gathering at the House of Lords reception on February 20, 2020.

With as much glitz and glamour as possible, including special guest hosts and announcers for each event, our virtual Winners’ Ceremonies began on September 24, and five weeks later concluded with a live stream from the BFBS Studios.

Soldiering On Awards 2020 - Full Livestream

We implore you to share this with as many people as possible and encourage you to think about who is making a difference within the community and let us together lift the lid on the extraordinary achievements of the Armed Forces community.

Find out more information, and register your nomination/s at

Credit: Soldiering On Awards 2020

The Soldiering On Awards 2021 Categories Are:

  • Family Values Award *

Honouring a person, family or group whose selfless commitment, dedication and support for others in the Armed Forces Community ensures that they are cared for, supported or helped. This selfless act is therefore a shining example to society.

  • Working Together Award *

Honouring a person, team or organisation that has demonstrated an enduring commitment and collaborative approach, engaging with external organisations supporting the sector within the wider community.

  • Education, Training and Development Award *

Recognising excellence in the provision of vocational education, training or skills in support of preparatory, ongoing or transitional development, for members of the wider Armed Forces Community.

  • Healthcare & Rehabilitation Award

Honouring a person or team who have demonstrated a major commitment and contribution in support of the physical or mental welfare of serving or former members of the armed forces community. This may be through healthcare, therapeutic treatment or rehabilitation services and support.

  • Sporting Excellence Award (Public Vote) *

Honouring a person or team who have overcome challenges, inspired others and demonstrated outstanding achievements in the field of sport.

  • Inspiration Award (Public Vote)

Honouring a person or group who have overcome significant challenges, injury or disability and whose ongoing or past outstanding achievements and behaviours are an inspiration to others.

  • Animal Partnership Award (Public Vote)

Honouring the unique relationships and companionship provided by animals and/or the achievements of individuals/organisations engaged with animals that support and/or empower members of the Armed Forces Community.

  • Defence Inclusivity Award

Honouring the commitment and achievements of individuals and organisations in achieving greater diversity and inclusion throughout the Armed Forces Community.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award

Honouring a person or group whose lifetime of dedicated service has provided a significant contribution in support of the Armed Forces Community.

  • Business Start-Up Award

Honouring a new business, that was started by an individual linked with the armed forces who still retains a minimum of 51% interest in the venture and that has been in business for less than two years.**

  • Business Scale Up Award

Honouring a business that was established over two years ago***, started by an individual linked with the armed forces and who still retains a minimum of 51% interest in the venture.

  • Business Community Impact Award

Honouring a business, that was started up by an individual linked with the armed forces, that has a made a real impact within the Armed Forces Community.

* Signifies award categories that would be particularly relevant to under 18 individual or groups

** For businesses that started trading anytime after January 1, 2019

*** For businesses that started trading before January 1, 2019