WATCH: The Ice Maidens Reflect On Their Record-Breaking Journey Across The Antarctic

The first all-female team to have made the 1,700-kilometre crossing using muscle power alone have been speaking to Forces TV...

Six soldiers - the Ice Maidens - have been speaking to Forces TV about their record-breaking journey across the Antarctic.

They’re the first all-female team to have made the 1,700 kilometre crossing using muscle power alone.

And they did it all on skis, dragging their kit behind them.

Heading across the freezing Polar ice in temps as low as 40 degrees Celsius, these six women have broken five records by completing a 61-day crossing, pulling sledges weighing 180 pounds.

Ice Maidens

Now they’ve been speaking about their journey, and the challenges they faced - such having to pull together when one of the team, Major Sandy Hennis, came down with flu

"Suddenly I just couldn't do anything, and the team really gathered around me.

"They carried some of my weight for me, but also it was their moral support- the arm around the shoulder." 

And it was certainly the warmest of welcomes for the Ice Maidens, now finally back in Britain.

The Ice Maidens smashed their own target of crossing the ice in 75 days - completing it 2 weeks early.

Their next team event? They’ll be Ice Maidens of honour at Major Wetherill’s wedding in September.