Trident Juncture: The Ultimate Test Of Military Capability

Troops from the UK and its allies have been testing their ability to deploy a command centre at the sharp end of a major NATO operation.
Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon saw 500 men and women from the Allied Rapid Reaction Corp put through their paces in Exercise Trident Juncture. 
Trident Juncture based out of RAF St Mawgan in Cornwall is a pass-fail test.
500 men and women of the allied rapid reaction corps have to prove they have what it takes to be the land headquarters for the NATO response force in 2017. 
They're being examined by NATO evaluators. It's like finals exams with those marking the tests watching on. They must pass in order to be the 2017 NATO land headquarters force. 
To save on resources and money this exercise takes place without troops on the move. 
Last year trident juncture was 60 times the size with 30,000 people involved.
Though a much smaller task this year, it's the outcome at the forefront of the mission - proving to NATO the ARRC has the capability to lead its land HQ response force in 2017. 


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