Rawhide, Mogul & Tumbler: Presidential Code Names Revealed

It's no secret that Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton's campaigns featured their fair share of name-calling.So after the President-elect's...


It's no secret that Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton's campaigns featured their fair share of name-calling.

So after the President-elect's secret service code name came to light, we've taken a look back at some of those awarded to the leaders of the free world throughout history.

John F Kennedy - Lancer

President Kennedy's nickname is apt when you consider that his administration was often compared to King Arthur's court by his admirers, with parallels drawn between JFK and the legendary monarch himself. First Lady Jackie Kennedy was known by the secret code name 'Lace'.

Ronald Reagan - Rawhide  

It's widely speculated that Ronald Reagan's moniker refers to the large number of 'Westerns' that he starred in before his administration, along with his well-known love of horses.

Richard Nixon - Searchlight

Nixon's highly prophetic code name was clearly a nod towards his communist vendetta, whilst his wife Patricia was known as the slightly less ironic 'Starlight'.

Bill Clinton - Eagle

Although there's no definite reasoning behind Clinton’s animal moniker, it would be easy to link the nickname to his involvement with the Boy Scouts, the Eagle scout being the highest ranking in the organisation. Hilary Clinton was known throughout the administration as 'Evergreen', a nickname she maintained in her own campaign.

George W. Bush - Tumbler, later Trailblazer

Although George Bush started out with a relatively unflattering code name (reportedly linked to his love of partying in his youth) he later had it changed to the rather more complimentary 'Trailblazer'.

Donald Trump - Mogul

It's pretty easy to speculate over the reasoning behind Trump's nickname, since he was best known prior to his campaign as a successful businessman. The nicknames given to his family are also somewhat revealing, with Melania going by 'Muse' and Ivana by 'Marvel'. 

Former President George Bush himself, meanwhile, was widely known for using his own nicknames for fellow politicians, members of White House staff, and, of course, journalists - here's a few of the best: 

Vladamir Putin - Pootie-Poot/Ostrich Legs 

Barack Obama - Bama/Rock 

Senior Advisor Karl Rove - Boy Genius/Turd Blossom 

Silvio Berlusconi - Shoes 

Journalist Maureen Dowd - The Cobra 

Tony Blair - Landslide 

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