Portrait of Britain Captain Anani-Isaac

Photograph Capturing The Spirit Of The British Army Receives National Recognition

A project undertaken by Photographer Rory Lewis has gained national recognition after being nominated for the prestigious Portrait of...

Portrait of Britain Captain Anani-Isaac

A project undertaken by photographer Rory Lewis has gained national recognition after being chosen as part of the winning 100 images for the prestigious Portrait of Britain exhibition.

Lewis’ project, named ‘Soldiery’, focuses on military personnel as its subject, and features striking photographs of them in uniform- acting as a celebration of the British Army.

According to Lewis’ website, the portraiture exhibition is designed to document the modern British military, reminiscent to the historical portraiture of military past.

Portrait of Britain Final

The portraits feature members of the Army from a variety of regiments, iconic in their dress and history.

And there’s no doubting that Lewis’ hard work and dedication to the Soldiery project has paid off; his remarkable portrait of Captain Anani-Isaac from The Royal Lancers has now made the final of the nation’s biggest photography exhibition.

Through the Soldiery project, Rory has met soldiers from all over the world, including Malawi, Zimbabwe, Canada and Australia, and through his photography has documented the uniqueness and diversity of the world’s military.

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Portrait of Britain Captain Anani-Isaac
Captain Anani-Isaac, The Royal Lancers from Series Soldiery (British Army Portraits) By Rory Lewis Photographer. Capturing the Essence, the Valour, the Prestige, Honour & Diversity - in a Portrait Collection of the Modern British Army.