The New Treatment Hoping To End PTSD Nightmares

Nobody understands fully why we dream, but for many suffering from PTSD, nightmares haunt almost every night.
PTSD specialist and mental health therapist Justin Havens is currently investigating a new technique.
It's hoped 'planned dream intervention' may put a stop to the traumatic nightmares disrupting the lives of so many servicemen and women. Justin says:
"Planned dream intervention is really just about kick-starting the dream process; giving your brain an idea that it can pull into the dream to stop you being woken up... veterans are being woken up by the scary content of their dreams and there's nothing on their 'dream shelf' to help the process along."
Examples of 'dream shelf interventions' that Justin recommends might include a veteran with an affinity for photography planning ahead to replace guns in dreams with cameras, which would not be threatening in the same way.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Nightmares and sleepless nights plague the lives of many servicemen and women, and although the problem receives little attention, it has a huge impact on the lives of those affected by it. 
Planned dream intervention is unlikely to work for everyone, but even if it allowed just an extra hour of rest for some, the impact this could have on the lives of them and their families might be huge.
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