New Gurkha Recruits Say Goodbye To Nepal

The new Gurkhas joining the British Army have been honoured before heading to the UK.The 270 new recruits were chosen from some 9000...

The new Gurkhas joining the British Army have been honoured before heading to the UK.

The 270 new recruits were chosen from some 9000 applicants.

During the ceremony, newly recruited trainee rifleman took their Oath of Allegiance to the British Crown and the British Army to keep Gurkha history alive in front of their family members and loved ones.

Lt Gen Nick Pope, CBE, presided over the ceremony and inspected the newly recruited trainee rifleman during the program.

He was accompanied by Colonel James Robinson, Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas. 

Pope gave a speech in Nepali language highlighting the importance of the day, the day the recruits finally became trainee riflemen. 

After the Parade, the 270 young men got the opportunity to meet their families and loved ones and shared tales of their experiences at the selection process.

It was an exceptionally emotional moment for all with a mixture of joy and sadness before they had to say goodbye to them. 

After a rigorous and competitive selection process, only 270 recruits out of thousands had made it through to become soldiers in the Brigade of Gurkhas. 

Each recruit had undergone a series of tests over a 4-day period including a full medical, language and mathematical tests, functional movement screening, heaves and sit ups, fitness tests, swimming challenges and the 4.7km legendary doko race as well as the 2.4km run.

After the selection of recruits, Brigade of Gurkhas instructors from the Infantry Training Centre in UK had conducted training for them.

For ten days they had been introduced to the Brigade and were prepared to fly to the UK.

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