Meet The 85-Year-Old Gurkha Taking On Everest

An 85-year-old retired Gurkha has told Forces News about his planned attempt to climb Mount Everest.Min Bahadur Sherchan wants to reclaim...

An 85-year-old retired Gurkha has told Forces News about his planned attempt to climb Mount Everest.

Min Bahadur Sherchan wants to reclaim his world record as the oldest person to do so.

The former Royal Gurkha Signaller conquered the world's tallest peak in 2008 at the age of 76, before being surpassed by Japanese climber Yuichiro Miura, who climbed the mountain aged 80 in 2013.

Sherchan, who joined the Gurkhas at the age of 17, has now returned to high-altitude training and launched a £75,000 fundraising campaign, saying he's even fitter than before.

He told Forces News' Carla Prater:

"I'm really excited to do it, very happy and looking forward to the challenge. I want to use my attempt to spread a message of peace and as a campaign to save the planet."

He was forced to abort a previous attempt to regain his record in 2013, at the age of 81, after issues in getting a permit in time so he could make a safe ascent.

Serchan was then thwarted in another attempt in 2015 when the Nepal earthquake closed his route.

While his supporters are confident he'll make it to the summit this time, however, some doctors have attempted to warn him off the bid.

He hopes his climb will inspire others, though - and plans to fly the flag for Nepal and Britain all the way to the top.

Serchan will set off in April, hoping to reach the peak in May – around the same time as a British Army team are hoping to reach the summit. He said:

"I feel so good. I'm excited to be climbing at the same time as the British Army and feel secure in their presence."  

"It's not just about eating and exercise, it's about mental focus. Staying positive and focused on the goal. But keeping healthy is important too.

"I'm extremely fit.  The big problem for me really is funding. Once that's sorted I am good to go. I just want to get to the top – once I'm up there no one's taller than me!"

If you'd like to donate to Sherchan's cause, visit this page to find out more.

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