Jeremy Corbyn's Christmas Message To The Forces

Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn has delivered his Christmas message to the British Armed Forces.

The Labour Party leader praised the sacrifices, courage and professionalism of serving personnel, home and abroad, and praised the humanitarian efforts of HMS Enterprise.

He also thanked forces families for their sacrifices, and spoke of the need to support the Armed Forces.

Just click above to watch his message, or read the full transcript below:

"I want to send my very best Christmas wishes to our forces, both at home and abroad.

"Your courage and professionalism are an inspiration to us all, and we honour the many sacrifices that you make on our behalf, like being away from your family at this time of year."

"We thank you for not only being prepared to defend the country, but also saving lives, like the valiant crew of HMS Enterprise, who bravely rescued more than 9,000 refugees and migrants, fleeing war and persecution for a better life.

"We also think of our forces families, who day in, day out, are supporting our men and women in uniform. You, too, make great sacrifices.

"Our thoughts are with you all, especially those families spending this Christmas thousands of miles apart from your loved ones."

"We all have a responsibility to stand up for our Armed Forces community, and to make sure you have real support, where you need, it, whether it's in access to access to housing, healthcare or school places, for you, your children, and [in] proper care for the veterans in our community.

"So I want to wish you all, on behalf of the Labour Party, a merry Christmas, and a very peaceful New Year, and for those spending this holiday apart, a happy reunion as soon as possible."

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