Horses From Household Cavalry Recreate Iconic Image

A project to recreate an iconic postcard photograph in the same Peckham street it was originally taken in 1915 has finally come to fruition after more than a year's work.

Today 18 Horses from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment – nine from the Blues and Royals and nine from the Life Guards - and Joey, the National Theatre’s life-size puppet horse from its production of 'War Horse', congregated on Lyndhurst Way, Peckham.  



Artist and social historian Melissa Smith, who lives in Peckham, said:  ‘This photograph is haunting in so many ways, but perhaps because we know that so many of the men and horses in it never came home it is especially poignant. I had dreamed of re-creating it because it's such a powerful image, and it's possible because the street remains virtually unchanged in the 100 years since it was taken.


"As an artist I am inspired and delighted by history, and I'm always looking for ways to bring it to life."


"Because of War Horse, we know that animals provide a useful key to help children understand and learn about WWI, and that gave me the idea to work with local schools and give children the opportunity to do Special WWI Centenary Arts Awards. 

"The re-enactment is not about glorifying war, it is a way of remembering and discovering. It's a powerful reminder of how much has changed since 1915.



Photographs: Sergeant Rupert Frere

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