Gurkhas On A Mission To Rebuild Nepal

It's a long journey travelling to reach the Queen's Gurkha Engineers in Nepal.

It's a long journey travelling to reach the Queen's Gurkha Engineers in Nepal.

They're currently deployed eight hours away from Kathmandu in Ramechhap District, which was badly damaged during the second earthquake on the 12th May 2015.  

69 Gurkha Field Squadron have been in the country on Operation Marmat since the end of February, after taking over from their predecessors 70 Gurkha Field Squadron.  

30 sappers from 69 Gurkha Field Squadron have deployed to act as project supervisors for the Gurkha Welfare Trust.  
While they would happily have taken on the building work themselves, local builders are being employed to do the construction work, so they're working as site managers instead.  
G Troop at Rasanalau are overseeing 11 houses, while H troop are a further two hours away in Bhuji, helping complete a further 24 homes.  
Each one belongs to a Gurkha veteran or their widow and has been funded by the Gurkha Welfare Trust as part of its £17.5m earthquake response.  
Some of the destruction caused after the 2015 earthquake
The Trust hopes to complete 1,200 new homes and has more than 400 under construction.  
It says it hopes to have 80% finished by the end of the year but it's still a huge challenge.  
The country has struggled to get back on its feet again and has only just seen an end to months of fuel blockades.  
Now, progress is visible and for the sappers deployed it's a huge honour.  
When they joined the British Army they didn't expect to ever return to Nepal on exercise.  
Now they're getting to share their skills in the country's time of need and nothing could make them more proud.