GR4: Tornado By Numbers

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has announced that the RAF Tornado mission against IS militants in Iraq will be extended by an extra year, despite having originally been due to disband last March.

Below we break down the facts and figures surrounding the RAF's indomitable fighter.

  • Entered Service in 1989.
  • 73 Tornado GR4 aircraft.
  • Wingspan of 45 ft.
  • Length nose to tail: 55ft.
  • Flown 1,162 missions against ISIL, striking targets 251 times.
  • The squadron currently on operations against ISIL has 8 planes.
  • Fast jet squadrons have between 120 to 140 technicians.
  • A pilot would expect to fly up to 80-100 hours a month on operations.
  • 86 Brimstone weapons released.
  • 214 Paveway IV weapons released.
  • RAF GR1 Tornados were the backbone of Operation: Desert Storm, and feature video below (fast forward to 5:57 for some impressive low-flying).


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