Exercise Wildjack Fire: Where Bomb Disposal Experts Hone Their Skills

Soldiers from 33 Engineer Regiment EOD have been practicing their bomb disposal skills in Norfolk.

Exercise Wildjack Fire is as much about specialist skills, as it is about a return to basics.

In rural Norfolk on the Stanta Training Area, soldiers from 33 Engineer Regiment EOD are honing their skills across a number of scenarios. 

The situations they face are widespread and challenging from roadside bombs to a suspicious bag that has been thrown into a lake. 

It is an opportunity for regular and reserve squadrons, who are normally based in five different locations, to come together and share their skills.

Army bomb disposal experts often deal with air drop weapons in the UK like Second World War bombs dug up in building works.

Practising for these conventional tasks is important.  

Op Herrick in Afghanistan may have ended a few years ago but the regiment is now preparing to delpoy on Op Shader later year and will pass on their specialist skills to Iraqi Security Forces.