Concerns PTSD Overdiagnosis Failing Vulnerable Veterans

Concerns PTSD Over Diagnosis Failing Vulnerable Veterans

Concerns PTSD Overdiagnosis Failing Vulnerable Veterans
Concerns are being raised about how the term 'PTSD' is being used by military charities.
Ed Parker, Chief Executive of Walking With The Wounded, says other problems and conditions are being grouped together under the same title because post-traumatic stress disorder is more commonly known:
Conservative MP Johnny Mercer - a former soldier - says mental health charities need to work together to provide better treatment to veterans:
Sue Freeth, Chief Executive at veterans' mental health charity Combat Stress told Forces TV: 
“PTSD is a very serious mental health illness which affects a small but significant number of veterans and reservists each year – between 4-7% of veterans according to the King’s Centre for Military Health Research. 
“A further 20% of veterans will suffer from other common mental conditions, such as anxiety and depression. 
“If untreated, PTSD can have a very serious impact on veterans and their families, and in the worst cases it can lead to people taking their own lives."
She added:
“Over the past five years Combat Stress and the Ministry of Defence have focused on breaking down the stigma surrounding mental illness in the military community.
For decades this stigma has prevented veterans from seeking the specialist support they need, and has meant that on average veterans suffer in silence for more than 12 years before seeking help. This stigma must be overcome.
“Last year nearly 2,500 veterans sought our help for the first time, more than at any time in recent years. After more than a decade of conflict in the Middle East the need for ongoing support is clear.” 

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