On Board HMS Ocean As She Loads Up For The Caribbean

HMS Ocean has arrived in Gibraltar and is being loaded with stores and vital equipment, before leaving for the Caribbean.

The Royal Navy flagship, HMS Ocean, has arrived in Gibraltar as she prepares to deploy to the Caribbean to take part in the Hurricane Irma relief effort.

She is picking up supplies before sailing to British Overseas Territories and Commonwealth partners which have been devastated by last week's hurricane.

HMS Ocean is currently moored at the South Mole, overlooking Gibraltar.

On Sunday Chinook helicopters arrived in Gibraltar packed with supplies, ready to be loaded onto the ship.

HMS Ocean will be joining RFA Mounts Bay, which is already operating in the region.

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship has already delivered six tonnes of emergency aid to Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory devastated by last week's hurricane, and has since arrived in the British Virgin Islands to provide further support.

Hurricane Irma
Marines from Alpha Company on Tortola, British Virgin Islands

HMS Ocean was operating in the Mediterranean but was re-tasked last week to support the humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts.

She has six helicopter operating spots on her flight deck with space in the hangar for many more.

Ocean currently has around 630 Royal Navy, Royal Marine and Army personnel embarked and can carry a significant amount of aid to the affected areas. She's due to depart tomorrow.

Last month, HMS Ocean departed Plymouth to begin a nine-month deployment to the Mediterranean as the flagship for NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 2, before she is decommissioned next year.

Type 45 destroyer, HMS Diamond, has taken over her NATO duties. 


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