The Bedtime App Helping Troops Read To Their Kids While Deployed

Military families can now connect at bedtime - no matter where they are in the world...

Military families can now all enjoy a bedtime story - no matter where they are in the world. 

A new app is allowing serving military personnel to choose a book for their child and record themselves reading the story, which synchronises to the pages turning. 

Little Troopers Treasures is free to use and children can watch the recordings over and over whenever they miss their mummy or daddy. 

Little Troopers HMS Bulwak
Cpl Jack Tebbutt with his son Charles on HMS Bulwark after returning from a deployment

Supported by Harper Collins Children's Books and ABF The Soldier's Charity, the app features popular titles including Judith Kerr's Mog books, the late Michael Bond's Paddington stories and adventures from Emma Chichester-Clark's Blue Kangarooo.

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Parents serving in the British Armed Forces can be away from home for up to nine months of the year, with many children experiencing repeated and sometimes concurrent periods of separation.

Louise Fetigan Little Troopers
Louise Fetigan, who founded Little Troopers

Access to communication can vary and often be sporadic, with Skype and video calls not always reliable.

Little Troopers was founded by Louise Fetigan, who herself served in the British Army and who is married to a serving soldier. Louise said:

"I'm so pleased that we can offer this app to our British Armed Forces families. Night time is always hard when parents are away as the children often ask for Mummy or Daddy at bedtime." 

"It will be so lovely for them to see a video and hear their voice through a special story. Our aim is to help families stay connected through time apart and this will truly help with that."

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