Become A Beefeater! Historic Position Opens Up At Tower Of London

The Sovereign requires a new Yeoman Warder to guard the Tower of London. 
Historic Royal Palaces (HRP), the independent charity that looks after the Royal residence, described the availability:
 "As part of the Yeoman Body, your main responsibilities will include ensuring that all our visitors receive a Royal Welcome when visiting HM Tower of London, conducting large parties of visitors around the Tower, relating its history and stories, contributing  to the safety and security of the Tower and taking part in ceremonial duties and parades."
More commonly known as a 'beefeater', Yeoman Warders are trusted to safeguard the crown jewels, and since the 15th century have looked after inmates locked up in the tower. Nowadays they mainly act as tour guides on a day-to-day basis when not performing ceremonial duties.
The new role advertised by the HRP comes with some necessary requirements.
  1. Be a former Warrant Officer, class 1 or 2, (or the equivalent rank in other services) and in exceptional circumstances, a Staff Sergeant, from the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force or Royal Marines.     
  2. Hold the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal       
  3. Have served within the regular armed services for at least 22 years
Become A Beefeater!
Moira Cameron recently became the first female Yeoman Warder
The Yeomen Warders and their families live in tied accommodation inside the fortress paying council taxes and a portion of their salaries for rent. They must own a home outside of the fortress to go to when they retire. Some of the accommodation dates back to the 13th century.
The community of the Tower of London is made up of these Yeoman Warders and their families, the Resident Governor and officers, a chaplain and a doctor.
Feel like you have what it takes? Find out more and apply for the role here: 


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