Battlefield One Brings The Great War To Gamers

Battlefield One Brings The Great War To Gamers

Battlefield One Brings The Great War To Gamers
Battlefield One, an upcoming World War One themed video game, aims to create an “epic and unforgettable experience for players”.
Players will be able to control WW1-era “behemoth vehicles” including zeppelins, armoured trains and battleships.

The first-person shooter game was showcased last night at E3, the world’s largest gaming convention.
Publisher EA said they were approached by DICE, the developer of the game with a “mind-boggling pitch”.
DICE have promised a “dynamic experience where no battle is ever the same”, with battles featuring authentic WW1 weapons, full destruction of the world and realistic weather that will change throughout gameplay.

Using Electronic Arts’ Frostbite Engine the game will also feature Battlefield’s signature feature of supporting up to 64 players in online multiplayer games.
The Battlefield series has long served as underdog to the better-known Call Of Duty franchise.
EA plans to capitalise on the negative reaction to the most recent Call Of Duty game, Infinite Warfare. The reveal trailer for the game, set in outer space, quickly became the most downvoted video on YouTube.
There will be an open beta for the game later in the summer, with a full release scheduled for October 21, 2016.

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