2 LANCS Head To Iraq To Train Troops In The Fight Against IS

150 soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment have left their barracks in Weeton to head to Iraq.

They will join a 500 strong British Army force that is spending six months training Iraqi and Kurdish Security Forces in the fight against so-called Islamic State. 
Last December they found themselves fighting floods, helping the stricken residents of Cumbria clean up what Storm Desmond left in its wake.
This year, they’re needed much further from home. 

Their job in Iraq will be to help train the local security forces as part of the UK’s contribution to the 68 member, global coalition committed to defeating IS.

Months of preparation have gone into this deployment, culminating in a full mission rehearsal exercise in Norfolk, when the infantrymen had to get to grips with the Foxhound for the first time.

Today saw the main body of the deployment leave their barracks near Blackpool for their 6-month deployment.
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