SAS Who Dares Wins Series 7 recruits Picture Channel 4
SAS Who Dares Wins recruits (Picture: Channel 4).
Special forces

SAS Who Dares Wins returns with a new band of brothers

SAS Who Dares Wins Series 7 recruits Picture Channel 4
SAS Who Dares Wins recruits (Picture: Channel 4).

SAS Who Dares Wins has returned to our screens but this time it is led by a new band of brothers - an elite team of ex-special forces operators from the UK and for the first time, America.

Former United States Special Forces operators Rudy Reyes and Remi Adeleke have joined the familiar faces of Jason 'Foxy' Fox and Mark 'Billy' Billingham as the new elite team pushing 20 recruits to take on the most gruelling course yet in the unforgiving heat and epic backdrop of the Jordanian desert. Temperatures peaked at more than 35˚C during the day and at night, fell as low as 5˚C. 

Replacing former Chief Instructor Ant Middleton, after Channel 4 decided to part ways with him over his "personal conduct", is highly decorated Special Forces operator Rudy Reyes. With his jet black hair and beard, some people took to social media to say they thought he looked very similar to his predecessor Ant. 

SAS Who Dares Wins Series 7 new line up Remi Adeleke Rudy Reyes Jason Foxy Fox Billy Billingham Picture Channel 4
SAS Who Dares Wins new line up from left to right - Remi Adeleke, Rudy Reyes, Jason 'Foxy' Fox and Billy Billingham (Picture: Channel 4).

Replacing former DS members Matthew 'Ollie' Ollerton, Melvyn Downes and Anthony 'Staz' Stazicker is ex-US navy SEAL Remi Adeleke. 

Once again, this series of SAS Who Dares Wins is designed to be the ultimate endurance test for civilians to see who has the mental and physical strength to make it to the end. 

Will they be able to rise to the challenge of the brutal SAS selection process, albeit a slimmed-down version? 

Speaking at a special preview event at BAFTA Basecamp in London, Rudy revealed some behind the scenes details to Elliot Darby, Social Media Manager for BFBS.

He said the riskiest task, which hasn't been aired yet, involved a mule, saying: "The most dangerous was the mule and I think because it was so freaking heavy. 

"It looked like one of these mules was gonna freaking mount some of the recruits on the seven inch, eight-inch cliff edge and down the ravine, 300-foot fall. 

"Pandemonium in the rain." 

The first episode of SAS Who Dares Wins shows the recruits tackling the gas chamber task. The brutal challenge is designed to prepare Special Forces for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) warfare. 

The recruits must walk into an enclosed room, take off their gas masks and speak. The tear gas attacks the respiratory system which creates a feeling of panic and is similar to being suffocated. 

However, for Rudy, who hasn't undergone any chemical warfare training since 2005 in Iraq, the gas chamber task on SAS Who Dares Wins was an amusing challenge as he explains: "It was the gas chamber for me because it was funny and I was laughing at myself. 

SAS Who Dares Wins Series 7 Rudy Reyes Picture Channel 4
SAS Who Dares Wins' new Chief Instructor Rudy Reyes (Picture: Channel 4).

"We have to make it look like it doesn't bother us at all. 

"Well, the wind kept shifting and ... the freaking gas kept coming right back onto my face so in between giving pieces to camera and controlling and marshalling the recruits, snot is coming down my nose, I'm crying. 

"I look like I just watched a Lifetime movie or something … and I've still got to be freaking hard." 

Remi spoke to BFBS about his journey to get where he is today.

The former US Navy SEAL was born into a wealthy family in Nigeria, but after the death of his father and what Channel 4 says was the seizing of his family’s wealth by the Nigerian Government, Remi along with his mother and brother relocated in 1987 to the Bronx in New York. 

It was at this point that Remi's life started taking a turn for the worse because he started selling drugs. He said: "19 had a huge wake-up call when my life got threatened, my mother's life got threatened by a drug dealer who I did a bad deal with. 

SAS Who Dares Wins Series 7 Remi Adeleke Picture Channel 4
SAS Who Dares Wins' new member of the Directing Staff Remi Adeleke (Picture: Channel 4).

"That was my wake-up call when [I] decided, you know what, I'm better than this. I come from better stock. I have more potential than what I think." 

A few months after deciding to leave a life of crime, Remi had two warrants out for his arrest but was keen to join the armed forces. Thanks to the dedication of a recruiter who Remi says believed in him, the former drug dealer had his record expunged and was on his way to joining the US Navy, changing his life forever. 

This idea that the military can turn around the life of someone who needs guidance to get out of a difficult situation is reinforced by Rudy who, along with his three brothers, was raised by his grandparents and later by the Omaha Home for Boys. 

Speaking of how his career in the armed forces has helped him become the success he is today, he said: "I am just blessed that here in America … young men like Remi and I who had so much potential and talent and but not necessarily a direct highway to self-development, the military offers men like us that highway. 

"And look at where we're standing now. I would not be who I am without the Marine Corps and without Recon." 

SAS Who Dares Wins behind-the-scenes facts 


Each recruit carries a military rucksack called a Bergen weighing 35lbs which contains things like a sleeping bag, camping pillow, compass, sand goggles and the all-important water bottle to keep themselves hydrated in the desert.  

Sleeping arrangements 

Recruits sleep on a standard-issue camp bed and Billy says the DS do not get any luxuries when it comes to sleeping either, saying: "We have camp beds and a sleeping bag, just the same as they have. 

"Our food might be a little better. But there’s no luxuries. 

"Our shower is a dripping cold tap. It’s like being on operations." 


Recruits are given three meals a day which are prepared off-site and brought in. However, it’s up to them to portion the food and distribute it fairly between themselves. 


2 hard-boiled eggs and 2 pieces of dry toast 




1 jacket potato with kidney beans 




Ham/cheese roll  


Boiled chicken/white fish/minced meat - with rice 


Pasta & vegetables 


Boiled cabbage & potatoes 

You can watch SAS Who Dares Wins on Sundays at 9pm on Channel 4 in the UK and via BFBS TV if you are overseas.