SAS Who Dares Wins All Remaining Recruits Series 6 Credit Channel 4
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Ant Middleton Claims He Would Have SAS Who Dares Winner On His Team Right Now

The successful recruit 'absolutely f****** nailed' the course

SAS Who Dares Wins All Remaining Recruits Series 6 Credit Channel 4

SAS Who Dares Wins finished its sixth series with an astonishing revelation. 

Well, kind of....

One of the recruits has been ahead of the rest for most of the Channel 4 condensed version of the Special Forces selection series.

They have impressed at every turn and made Chief Instructor Ant Middleton, plus his Directing Staff (DS) of Jason Fox, Billy Billingham and newcomers to the show Melvyn Downes and Anthony Stazicker, convinced they must have military experience. 

What might be a shock to some viewers is that Ant was so impressed by the recruit's performance and eventual completion of the course that if the former Special Boat Service (SBS) operator were still serving, he would want this recruit by his side, saying:

"F*** me, I'd have you on my team right now." 

That is a big deal. 

Whether it was simply for the benefit of the camera or not, to claim that he would trust a civilian to have his back in a combat situation is no small thing. 

SAS Who Dares Wins Melvyn Jason Fox Ant Middleton Melvyn Downes Billy Billingham Series 6 Credit Channel 4
SAS: Chief Instructor Ant Middleton with DS of Jason Fox, Melvyn Downes and Billy Billingham (Picture: Channel 4).

However, there was more than one recruit who completed the course. The other recruit to impress the DS enough to get to the end successfully was the exact opposite of their counterpart. Described by Ant as "chalk and cheese", these recruits got to the end of the course in different ways and had different strengths. 

The other successful recruit is someone the DS did not think had a chance of making it to the end but has matured during the series and proved themself as an outstanding recruit, with Ant saying in jest: 

"How the f*** are you still here?" 

They encourage the recruit to stop doubting themself because the DS believes they have the strength of mind to crack on and get on with the task at hand. 

WATCH: Video clip does not reveal who completes the course (Credit: Channel 4).

Escape and Evasion and Resistance To Interrogation 

Episode six focused on two of the most intense parts of the Special Forces selection course, designed to definitively separate the wheat from the chaff – Escape and Evasion and Resistance To Interrogation. 

Undernourished and on very little sleep, the recruits are woken up in the middle of the night and chased from base camp to a rendezvous point by masked strangers with dogs. Once captured, the recruits are hooded and brought back to base camp for interrogation. 

A few days before this final challenge, the recruits were all told to learn a cover story as to why they were all on the Isle Of Raasay in Scotland. They were told it was of vital importance to not reveal they were 'military personnel' and advised to hold on to that information for as long as they can. They were warned that extreme interrogation methods, banned from use by the British military, would be used on them to extract the truth.

WATCH: Video clip does not reveal who completes the course (Credit: Channel 4).

The recruits are hooded, exposed to hours of unbroken white noise and distressing sounds of a baby crying, then face brutal tactical questioning.

The interrogations are run by a specialist, experienced unit but the whole challenge is overseen by a man who cannot be identified on camera for security reasons. He refers to himself as 'The Umpire' and introduces himself to each recruit.

He makes it very clear that if at any point a recruit feels as though they would like to voluntarily withdraw (VW) themselves or would like to see a medic, they must put their hand up and ask to speak to him.   

As seen in previous series, the brutal stress positions they are put into and continued mental pressure mean some recruits VW from the show. Some viewers might be shocked by who VWs as, perhaps, on paper, a select few of the recruits seem destined to go the distance. However, the ones who choose to speak to The Umpire do so after they have given everything they have.

SAS Who Dares Wins Adam Tyler Series 6 Final Challenge Sickener Credit Channel 4
Adam King and Tyler Clark (Picture: Channel 4).

Their emotional breakdowns after realising the brutal experience has ended is incredibly moving. Channel 4 is once again not shying away from showing men and women expressing themselves during their lowest points.

It's something the television broadcaster has done consistently, perhaps to help break down the stigma of mental health, especially when it comes to seeing men express themselves so openly.

The few who do survive the interrogation phase get a welcome night of sleep to recoup some energy for the next day's ‘sickener’ challenge on Dun Caan, the highest peak on the Scottish island.

This final test proves to the DS who deserves to win the series. Only the physically and mentally elite have what it takes to pass selection.

SAS Who Dares Wins Connor Kieran Series 6 Final Challenge Sickener Credit Channel 4
Connor Smyth and Kieran Lang (Picture: Channel 4).

Cover image: The seven SAS Who Dares Wins finalists (Picture: Channel 4).