Royal Marines

The Scariest Thing On The Web? This Royal Marines' Spider Ad Will Chill You To The Core

Watch out arachnophobes...

A menacing-looking jungle spider the size of a hand is filmed crawling across the face of a Royal Marine in an advert that is sure to leave arachnophobes panting for breath.

The 'Spider' film explores what might make even a trained combat specialist break cover but suggests Royal Marines' training means they maintain their focus no matter what terrors they face.

The Marine in question is filmed ignoring the huge arachnid and staying poised and focussed on the mission.

The filmmakers wanted to keep the advert as authentic as possible so used real combat-ready Royal Marines Commandos on deployment.

Watch the creepy ad in full below:

WCRS, the agency behind the advert wanted to make something eye-catching while remaining authentic:

"The latest spot dramatises that to master stealth, one of the Royal Marines’ major skills, you must learn to override your natural instincts and remain completely calm, even in the presence of danger."

The reaction to the advert has sent shivers down the spines of many on social media.

Think you could keep your cool with a creepy-crawly dancing on your face?

If you have any real stories of times you've had to keep your cool under extreme circumstances please let us know in the comments below.