Royal Marines

Royal Marines hone strike team tactics in Cyprus

Royal Marines from 45 Commando have been putting their skills to the test in Cyprus.

Training as part of Operation Achillean, Zulu Strike Company and the landing force of the Littoral Response Group North tested their ability to operate after being transferred from ship to shore.

LRG North is a Royal Navy task group currently headed by HMS Albion – designed to respond to any kind of crisis or threat in European waters.

A number of new battlefield tactics and strategies have been tested on the deployment, with the Royal Marine Commandos looking to work in a more agile and dexterous way.

More than 1,000 sailors and Royal Marines have been deployed as part of Littoral Response Group North, all in areas that are strategically important for UK security – all parts are key to countering the threats of a modern era.  

The group will continue to exercise in several countries in the Eastern Mediterranean, supporting amphibious operations and developing the Littoral Strike concept.