Royal Marines

H-Hour: Royal Marine Commandos On Exercise Serpent Rock

BFBS Creative had special access to follow the 43 Commandos in Gibraltar

BFBS Creative was granted exclusive access to film the Royal Marines on Exercise Serpent Rock.

In autumn of 2020, the BFBS Creative team, a creative agency within BFBS that was founded to help the armed forces and UK government in  media communications, flew out to Gibraltar to follow along as the 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group were tested in close combat operations in the famous tunnels below the Rock of Gibraltar.

Video producer Matt Heal, who directed the video, explained that the slim passageways made it challenging to film, he said:

“Filming in the tunnels was challenging due to the tight passageways and near pitch black operating conditions.”

H-Hour is the specified time for the begin of a planned attack, and the video shows the operation as they count down the hours towards the practice attack. 

WATCH: H-Hour | Gibraltar 1

What is Exercise Serpent Rock?

Exercise Serpent Rock was a two-week training exercise in Gibraltar for Royal Marines from 43 Commando to practice skills necessary to their responsibility of protecting the UK’s nuclear assets.

As part of Future Commando Force modernisation, the exercise involved using new technologies, like Remotely Piloted Arial Systems (drones) and robots, knowns as ‘Throwbots’, as they carried out the practice operations.

The drones and Throwbots are designed to feed live data to the commandos on the battlefield.

They were tested in close combat operations, using the tunnels below the Rock, as well as taking part in amphibious operations, cliff assaults and patrolling the streets in scenarios designed to test their agility in battle.

WATCH: H-Hour Gibraltar 2:

43 Commando conduct an amphibious manoeuvre and cliff assault to surprise the enemy. Their mission is to find GFF senior leaders and kill or capture them. Once the objective is secure, they will extract via abseil to avoid any threat of counter-attack.