British Army reservists take part in attack exercises with Croatian military

British Army reservists have taken part in a number of attack exercises while training alongside the Croatian armed forces.

Troops from 156 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps, a reservist unit based in the northwest of England, are in Croatia to take part in Exercise Sava Star.

As well as the sharing of tactics and standard operating procedures, the reservists of 156 Regiment are using the deployment to tick off the boxes in their annual service requirements. 

This included lessons in field craft, section attacks, mounted and dismounted assaults – all carried out hand in hand with their Croatian colleagues.

The culmination of the fortnight of training came with a demonstration in front of both British and Croatian delegates.

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The soldiers of 156 Regiment, a quarter of whom are women, attacked a simulated enemy alongside the exclusively male Falcons Battalion, part of the Mechanised Guards Brigade of the Croatian armed forces.

Croatian forces also showed off their kit, including the VHS-2 assault rifle and HS 2000 pistol.

The VHS-2 uses the proven short-stroke gas piston operating system with a rotating bolt and can fit a VHS-BG 40 mm single-shot grenade launcher under the barrel. 

The HS 2000 is a semi-automatic pistol, designed in Croatia, and is the standard-issue firearm.

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Just two days before the deployment, Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's longest reigning monarch and Commander-in-Chief of the UK Armed Forces, died at the age of 96.

It meant that the men and women of 156 Regiment RLC, faced with an already full schedule of training, needed to plan for an opportunity to pay their respects, coinciding with Her Late Majesty's state funeral. 

A field service was held, led by commanding officer, Lt. Col Trevor Steed, during which a two minute silence was observed, and the singing of the national anthem.