WWII Luftwaffe Ace Takes To The Skies In A Spitfire

A World War Two German pilot has become one of the first to fly a Spitfire...

A World War Two Luftwaffe pilot has become one of the first Germans to fly a Spitfire.

Hugo Broch, who's credited with 81 victories in more than 300 missions, went up in the aircraft at Biggin Hill Airport, in Kent.

The 95-year-old is also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, Germany's highest military honour in World War Two.

WW2 German pilot meets RAF Veteran

After landing he was in awe of the aircraft - and also got the chance to meet a British WWII veteran.

Stuart Bell said:

"[It's the] very first time I've met a German fighter pilot. He sounds a nice guy!

"He was defending his country, I was defending mine. So fair dos..."

Hugo says his life is always interesting and that now he has just one goal left - to go to the moon....

His full flight will be shown in a documentary by HistoryHit.TV in October.