Access to RAF flights delivering crucial aid to earthquake-hit Turkey

Watch: Forces News was on board an RAF flight delivering aid to Turkey's earthquake victims.

Forces News has been given special access to a Royal Air Force aircraft delivering crucial aid to earthquake-torn Turkey.

Three RAF airplanes have been helping to deliver Nato's emergency support package following the devastating earthquakes there earlier this month.

Just under 100 tonnes of humanitarian and medical aid has also been flown over by the Royal Air Force in its emergency response capacity.

Watch: RAF personnel deliver emergency response after earthquake in Turkey.

Turkish personnel have been waiting for the aircraft to land, then repacking and distributing aid and vehicles.

Thousands of emergency shelter tents will start arriving in the coming days as part of Nato's accommodation package.

A UK field hospital has also been set up and has begun treating people in Turkoglu.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says the UK "will continue to explore options for further support".

Watch the video at the top as Sofie Cacoyannis reports on board one of the RAF aid flights.

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