Travelling To A Land Down Under, In An A400M Transporter

One of the RAF's A400M transporter planes is visiting New Zealand. As Tim Cooper reports, there are two major reasons for the trip.

One of the RAF's A400M transporter planes is on a visit to New Zealand.

The purpose of the trip is two-fold.

The primary reason is to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

The arrival of the huge A400M has created plenty of curiosity and given the locals a chance to look around.

It's also give the military a chance to have a look around as well, which is the second reason for the trip.

This could, potentially, turn out to be a sales pitch, as it's thought Airbus are keen to try and sell the aircraft to the RNZAF.

And what better way to demonstrate its capabilities than to show it off, as operated by the RAF.

So perhaps one day these aircraft will also be operational down under.