RAF Typhoons deployed to Turkey for multinational exercise

Royal Air Force Typhoons and personnel have deployed to Turkey for a multinational exercise with Turkish, Jordanian, Pakistani and Azerbaijani aircraft.

Designed to test the pilots' capabilities, Exercise Anatolian Eagle took place at the Turkish Air Force's dedicated training facility at the 3rd Main Jet Base in Konya, Turkiye.

The exercise saw the RAF Typhoons used in multiple realistic combat scenarios, acting as blue force conducting air operations against simulated adversary aircraft.

The RAF Typhoons flew alongside F-16s from the Turkish, Pakistani and Jordanian Air Forces and SU-25s from the Azerbaijani Air Force as well as Turkish Akinci Combat Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

A team from NATO's Deployed Air Command and Control Centre flew an E-3A aircraft to provide exercise co-ordination.

The support elements from 140 Expeditionary Air Wing enabled the forward deployment of 3 (Fighter) Squadron Typhoons, with engineering, force protection and supply personnel on the ground in Turkiye, contributing to the success of the exercise.

140 Expeditionary Air Wing joined exercise Anatolian Eagle in Turkiye 03072022 CREDIT RAF MOD.jpg
RAF Typhoons flew alongside F-16s from Turkish, Pakistani and Jordanian air forces and SU-25s from the Azerbaijani air force (Picture: RAF MOD).

The Typhoons and personnel will now return to Romania to continue the NATO enhanced Air Policing and enhanced Vigilance Activity tasking they have been undertaking since early April.

In June, the Typhoons carried out air-to-air training serials alongside the Turkish Air Force as part of the NATO bilateral training opportunity.

The aircraft undertook 2v2 training with Turkish Air Force F-16s, as well as carrying out simulated beyond visual range missile firing drills to rehearse essential skills.