RAF Chinook Carries Harrier To New Home

An RAF Chinook stepped up to the task of airlifting a Sea Harrier Jump Jet to it's new home at the aerospace museum in Filton, Bristol.

A Chinook has been roped into airlifting a Harrier jump jet to its new home.

The RAF was on hand to take the aircraft to the new aerospace museum at Filton.

The museum, and harrier's new home, was built around a listed WW1 hangar. 

The aircraft, which was built in 1985 and served with the Royal Navy in Bosnia, will now live in the 100-year-old grade II listed hanger for the public to visit.

Bristol's aerospace hangar. Credit: Adrian Pingstone

The jump jet couldn't be taken by road because of access problems.

It was an interesting exercise in lifting a big, awkward underslung load for the Chinook crew from No 27 Sqn RAF Odiham and the RAF Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit.

Both aircraft entered service with the British Forces in 1980, but while the Chinook is still providing essential heavy lift capability in the hands of the RAF the Sea Harrier was taken out of action in 2006.   

Many military experts were sceptical about the Harrier's capabilities when it was introduced, but it soon proved its worth in the Falklands conflict. It's ability to operate from the aircraft carriers gave the fleet essential air cover and its weapons and radar proved more than a match against Argentinian attacks. 

It has been a busy year for Bristol Aerospace so far, as earlier last month the museum received Concorde 216.

Set to be the centerpiece at the museum, 'The Last Concorde' made it's final flight back in 2003 over the city of Bristol before residing at the museum this year. 

Bristol Aerospace Centre is due to open this summer.

Concorde 216. Credit: MercerMJ