Black female soldier features in RAF advert mocking stereotypes

RAF Advert Against Sexist Stereotypes Screened

The commercial mocks female images seen in other mainstream advertising.

Black female soldier features in RAF advert mocking stereotypes

The RAF campaign features a range of women in frontline roles (Picture: RAF).

A Royal Air Force advert that challenges stereotypes of women in advertising has made its debut after winning £1 million of free airtime on Channel 4.

The provocative campaign, made by the RAF's creative agency Engine, is the recipient of the broadcaster's 'Diversity In Advertising Award', a commitment to help improve diversity in advertising each year until 2020.

Air Vice-Marshal Chris Elliot, Chief of Staff Personnel and Air Secretary RAF, said: "The Royal Air Force has been delighted to have worked on this venture with Channel 4 and Engine, allowing us to showcase the vast range of exciting opportunities available, regardless of gender."

Air Vice-Marshal Elliot said: "As an inclusive employer, the Royal Air Force continues to support each and every one of our personnel noting that they are as unique as the roles they fill."

She added:

"Through teamwork we move forward in breaking down stereotypical barriers and hope to encourage others to do so through this campaign."

Women in uniform on parade in RAF advert mocking stereotypes
The RAF says it wants to break down stereotypical portrayals of women with its new advert (Picture: RAF).

The campaign launches as early findings from a new survey looking at diversity in advertising show that the main issue in adverts is the roles in which women are portrayed as having, rather than overall levels of representation.

Female soldiers feature in the RAF advert mocking stereotypes
The RAF advert aims to challenge the way women are portrayed in mainstream commercials (Credit: RAF).

The research, commissioned by Channel 4, studied the 1,000 most-watched TV adverts across a four week period in which women are shown in stereotypical and sometimes derogatory ways.

In adverts where women have a clearly defined role, just over 40% of them had women in homemaker or housewife positions, according to the study.