In Pictures: Hercules C-130J takes to the skies over Cyprus for last time

The C-130J Hercules took to its final sortie over RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, as it is due to be retired at the end of June.

In an emotional goodbye, personnel took to the sports fields to see the mighty Hercules fly out of the Royal Air Force base for the final time.

"Today was a massively significant day for the station, for the Hercules departing the station, we feel very humbled and honoured to be able to say goodbye to it, having had it here amongst the community for so many years," said Group Captain Simon Cloke, RAF Akrotiri Station Commander.

"There's a little bit of dust in the eyes, I am not going to deny that, as it went away," he added.


The Hercules has been flown by the RAF for more than half a century and shares a significant history with RAF Akrotiri, having been permanently based there in recent years.

The newer and bigger version of the Hercules, the C-130J, has been in service with the British Armed Forces since 1999 and is due to be replaced by the Atlas A400M.

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