The Luckiest Lancaster In The World

It’s been designed for people to climb on and sit in to get a real sense of what it might have been like to be in Bomber Command during the Second World War.
For the man who built it, this replica Lancaster bomber has been a labour of love. 
It's one of the brand new exhibits on display at this year's flagship Armed Forces Day in Cleethorpes.
The plane will be a full-size exact replica of a Lancaster fuselage. 
There'll be no 'Don't touch' signs anywhere near the plane - as it's been built specifically for people to climb on, sit in and touch, to help them imagine what it might have been like to be in Bomber Command during World War 2.
For the past eight years, Martin Willoughby has been juggling normal life with his passion, hidden away in a corner of old RAF Binbrook.
Martin has put a great deal of effort into the bomber, and although he was passionate about the project, he didn't realise just how difficult it would be.
"It's been hard to bring this project to fruition. Had I realised what I was getting into I might not have done it. I've had to collect things from all over the planet... it's brought me to the brink of bankruptcy."
Despite the financial difficulties, and a battle with cancer, Martin went on to finish the replica bomber.
His work will be on proud display on Armed Forces Day.

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