Inside the simulator prepping F-35 Lightning II pilots

Forces News goes inside the simulator that's training pilots to fly the UK's new F35 Lightning II.

Royal Navy and RAF personnel will begin flying a simulator to test the new F-35 Lightning II aircraft ahead of flight trials on the UK’s new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier next year.

The simulator, built by BAE systems, tests the skills of pilots as they practice landing on the deck of the new aircraft carrier in a range of difficult sea and weather conditions.

It comprises of a cockpit moved by an electronic motion platform and offers pilots a 360-degree immersive experience.

In another room, the flying control tower (FLYCO) is also simulated. BAE Systems F-35 test pilot, Peter Wilson, says:

"It is a critical component of these two, you can exercise multiple elements of the task force - the pilot as well as the Landing Safety Officer and command structure. You can exercise it all at the same time."

From April 19th, Royal Navy and RAF personnel will begin using this simulator suite - another step closer to when the F35 and Carrier will operate for real.